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Amy's Music Reviews

Leeza Gibbons

You're very talented and your heart shows through with every note you sing. Enjoy the journey you're on, Amy!" Your music arrived! The CD is amazing, just beautiful, I love it! And thank you for such a supportive note! xo
Former "Entertainment Tonight" TV Host & Day Time Talk Show Host of "Leeza"-TV/Radio Host/Author/Speaker

Alyse Nicole

Love your music, just listened to your songs & they are truly beautiful & anointed!! You remind me of a God-centered, holy, sweeter, fresher version of Enya!
Merritt-Film Producer/Actress from "Tender Shoot Films


Amy..... I have so many good things to say, but the big one is IMPRESSED! You are truly inspiring, brave and talented. Your voice is gorgeous and it's so refreshing to hear music that has a pure message.
Patricia- Editor of "Beutiful Magazine"

Don Coleman

Amy Barbera has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. The passionate delivery of her vocals are combined with uplifting lyrics, a winning combination. Musically the songs are radio friendly and the arrangements are that of a polished songwriter. You will be embraced by the angels in heaven when you listen to this Christian performer.
"BOOM Magazine" Canada

Norma Mendoza

Amy you are now moments away for dwell in that land already and have been there for some time now. Because you possess such a pure heart, and it is so present in your beautiful sound...we hear it and are moved. You are indeed blessed.
Vocal & Life Coach


Elisa Bark

This new website is sooo beautiful Ames!! You & your web team did an AMAZING job!! You are an angel from God and you have the voice of an angel. God has amazing plans for you. Keep soaring my friend!
Tues May 05, 2020

Hal Barbera

Great looking website with myriads of photos and great stuff! A lot to take in indeed! Will visit it often.
May 15, 2020

TC (Baldhead Red)

What a wonderful website!! You always do amazing things!! I Love You!
May 19, 2020

Sakhaleta From Science & Technology- Twitter


I wanted to reach out and commend you on your inspiring work. Your passion for music and dedication to uplifting lives through your songs is truly commendable. I will remain a fan and supporter of your incredible work.
January 30, 2024


Amy you're amazing and continue to move people with your light and artistry. I've felt it.
February 6, 2024

Charlotte Haug

Amy is amazing, beyond words, love her songs, and her mesmerizing Angel voice is like no other. She sends us flying every time to the sky above, and through the ocean waves afar.
February 01, 2024

FANS Comments

LA Gaviota Villa

Thank you for this beautifully constructed video and music - Make me a butterfly. Your voice is indeed heavenly Amy, soothing and serene. Wonderful to relax and unwind to. Wishing you much success with all your music endeavours. Your music warms my heart. Thank you!
Fri. November 15th, 2019

Andrea Kuczynski

Amy your music is so beautiful and so inspiring to me..
You really touched my heart with the Butterfly song..I listen to your music everyday.. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Gift..
Mon. August 20th, 2018

Kessa Gooden

My dear friend!!! I love your music so much, You help save my soul, and I want to tell you keep up the great work and sing like the Angels of God, Bring him here to earth for those who don't believe in him. Make that trumpet sound louder than the hills can hide! I love you!
Wed. May 16th, 2018

Meredith Kramer

Love your spirit and your voice Amy!!
Fri June 16, 2017

Lana Allen

Love your voice! Gift from God. You are a BLESSING
Thurs May 18, 2017

Mark Politi

Hi Amy -- When I heard you sing the other night at the WOW Health Style Fashion Show, it was so much more than music. It was an experience. You have been blessed with such a wonderful Divine gift and all I can say is thank you for your openness and generosity in sharing your gift with the world. Please continue to share your message of love and touch the lives of all who are within reach of your beautiful voice. You have touched mine.
Sat Sept 10, 2016


Greg G

I´ve followed your career for nearly 10 years now and you have blossomed into a Shining Star! I couldn't know a more beautiful and gifted person! Keep Shining, Angel! My love & support Always!!!!
May 19, 2016

Veronica Gilson

Love your music, so inspirational and breathtaking to the soul. Such an amazing and wonderful work. Keep up the great work. You inspire me with your beautiful music. You have a voice of angel. God bless..
Thurs May 19, 2016

Patti Dunlap

Wow! What can I possibly say! Your work and songs of God inspire so many and fill each and every one of us with joy! I know you and your family must feel the passion you pour out through your love of song! I am so proud to know you are my friend! Keep up Gods work through your music, and if just one person would take the time to listen, they would be so filled with your love for God they would realize how important your work is! I am so very excited for you Amy! You have come a long way!
Thurs May 19, 2016

Charlotte Haug

Amy your voice of an angel will touch and heal many lost souls around the world, thank you for sharing your beautiful songs with us!
Wed May 18, 2016

Stella Hands

Amy is making the music the world should hear! She's standing on the ground but she´s ready to fly. A voice an angel would die for! Keep up the good work, Because you make sense to me! Amazing girl! Amazing music! One of the best unknown artists of all time xoxoxox
Wed May 27, 2015

Christina Warner

Amy you are truly inspiring and heartwarming, I love your soulful voice and I have goosebumps while I'm writing and listening to you at the same time. I am your number one fan and glad we met paths today on Google +. I am buying all your music tonight on iTunes and you are a fantastic artist and I wish you happiness and a long loving love with your singing. I wish you fame and happiness and health and wealth because you deserve it my sweet friend.
Tues March 10, 2015


Christine Smith

Amy, you've touched my heart and soul with your amazing voice and kindness. You are going places young lady~ You're so inspirational, keep shining. Thank You for lifting my spirit!
Thurs Dec 11, 2014


Amy you are an inspiration to me, I love being able to talk with you on Facebook as you are always here for me girlfriend. You make me feel both special and loved, after talking with you or listening to your beautiful songs I feel anything in life is possible. You are truly walking and talking sparkly angel on earth, love you always hunnie.
Sun Jan 05, 2014

Jesse Kane

Amy, you are a living example of what a genuine-loving person should be. You provide a natural warm light from your heart and soul. It's in your voice. It's in your music. It's in your artistry. You are truly a rare but awesomely-beautiful gem! Thank you for all that you do - Thank you for Being You.
Tues Nov 05, 2013

Gustavo Perez

Amy Barbera's positive attitude & very beautiful soaring voice has inspired me in all I do in life. Amy is a Blessing to the World!!! I pray that her messages from her heart in song reach the entire WORLD!!!!
Sun Oct 13, 2013

Stephen Wrench (Musik and Film Records)

Amy I love your voice. Music was meant to elevate your soul and make you feel. Your music makes you feel and it does elevate your soul. A work of art. I love your music. I am a fan!
Tues Oct 10, 2013

Sharon Harrington

Make me a Butterfly is how I feel right now, I love you Amy don't ever forget me when it is my time and Jesus takes me home. I hope that he will let me see you sing! I love your music because it is so inspirational and it touches me when I need help within my soul. God is within you and messages whether you know it he gives messages through your music for those that are searching for answers!
Tues May 09, 2013


Yolie Rey Perdue

A Rising STAR in the making, and well DESERVED! She sings like an ANGEL!
Wed May 08, 2013

Bridgette Ledet

I have to say I have never come across two genuinely beautiful souls as Amy and her mother. Amy's music and caring helped me through the grieving I was going through after I lost my special angel son Elliot. I will never forget the peace I feel when I listen to the words to the songs she writes and sings!!!! Hugs to Amy and her mother!!
Tues April 23, 2013

Dylan Smothers

The only thing more beautiful than your music is the person you are on the inside! Your light shines bright and you make everyone you meet feel like they are loved and special.
Thurs April 11, 2013

Betty Dravis

Amy, you have a magnificent voice; not to mention rare beauty and stage presence that draws all eyes...and ears. You look like an angel and sound like one too. Is there any wonder I chose you as my favorite singer for a BETTY AWARD? Congratulations, honey! I expect to see you soaring with the biggest stars before long. Love
Wed April 03, 2013

Sara Hunt

Hi Amy
You are such a wonderful lady with a great spirit. Your songs are so beautiful and really tug at my heart strings. Your voice is so pure - like that of an angel. You always sound so vibrant and refreshed, a real breath of fresh air. You bring light where there is only darkness. You bring joy to so many where there is only doom and gloom. Your smile is infectious and so wonderful to see. You are so positive and that shows in your music and words of wisdom.
Wed Nov 28, 2012

Joseph Borowski

In regard to Amy's CD...."Beautiful Flower of Life" It's a Beautiful CD... Honestly, I have been in the music business for over 30 years... and I have worked with enormously huge talents who have worked with many incredibly popular artists in the music industry (that everybody knows, if I drop names... but I won't) and... Amy Barbera possesses one of the most purest and incredibly inspiring voices in the industry today or in any day
Sat Sept 15, 2012